Aubin Consulting: Offering Broad Array Of Consulting Solutions 

Aubin Consulting: Offering Broad Array Of Consulting Solutions 

Aubin Consulting is a certified Aboriginal business registered with the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business. Established in 2015, they leverage over 20 years of experience and in-depth knowledge in delivering a wide range of services in Indigenous engagement, comprehensive community planning and design, land use, capacity building, and governance solutions.

Aubin Consulting is proud to be an Indigenous-owned consulting firm working across Canada to deliver tailored and innovative solutions to Indigenous and non-Indigenous clients. They work closely with Indigenous communities and organizations, corporations, industry, and all levels of government to lead complex, multidisciplinary projects. 

With an experienced team, they support clients across four core service areas.

  • Indigenous and stakeholder communications and engagement
  • Community planning and development
  • Strategic planning
  • Capacity building 

Customer Centered Approach 

Aubin Consulting knows that engaging early and listening with patience and understanding is the key to having respectful and meaningful conversations. So they take the time to understand their client’s needs and design innovative, timely, and effective solutions using specialized teams, processes, and tools to succeed in each project and opportunity.

Their approach is based on following the four key stages:

  • Listen to learn about their clients’ aspirations, vision, and what they want for their future.
  • Collaborate to leverage their clients’ knowledge and to identify the tools, processes, and expertise most valuable to generating innovative solutions.
  • Design and develop strategies and thorough plans with milestones to help clients progress in achievable phases.
  • Support by providing resources, building internal capacity, and helping clients measure their success and to keep them on track to meet their desired future.

Values Based Enterprise 

Aubin Consulting strives to listen to their clients, design the right solutions, and implement successful outcomes. In addition, they incorporate values into the relationships they foster and the services they provide.

They are passionate about the work they do and take pride in it. They collaborate with an open mind and encourage straight talk to establish shared goals.

They prioritize giving back to the community and sharing knowledge. Integrity is at the core of their work, as they work to keep their promises and deliver on commitments. They respect each other, listen carefully, and act truthfully, safely, and responsibly.

Their core specializations are in the following areas. 

  • Indigenous & Stakeholder Engagement:

They design, develop, and implement effective strategies tailored to provide early, respectful, and meaningful engagement.

  • Facilitated Dialogues
  • Stakeholder Mapping
  • Socio-Economic Impact Studies
  • Situational Risk Assessments & Mitigation Strategies
  • Community Profiles
  • Public Engagement Plans and Strategies
  • Indigenous Engagement Plans and Strategies
  • Traditional Knowledge Studies
  • Protocol Agreements
  • Community Investment Strategies

  • Community Development & Planning:

They work with multidisciplinary teams to design environmentally sustainable, innovative, and healthy communities.

  • Resort Master Plans
  • Conceptual Designs
  • Area Structure Plans (ASP)
  • Area Redevelopment Plans (ARP)
  • Regional Land Use Plans
  • Land Use Plans
  • Comprehensive Community Plans
  • Due Diligence
  • Growth Management Plans
  • Design Briefs
  • Campus Master Planning
  • Policy Review & Development
  • Strategic Planning:

They inspire clients to help achieve clarity on organizational goals, strategies, objectives, and measurable actions.

  • Corporate Vision & Value Statements
  • Department Business Plans
  • Needs Assessments
  • Strategic Plans
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Funding / Grant Applications
  • Governance
  • Project Management
  • Strategies
  • Research & Gap Analysis
  • Performance Management
  • Capacity Building:

They customize training events to build local capacity and help clients meet their desired goals.

  • Coaching & Mentorship
  • Curriculum Development
  • Training Modules
  • Indigenous Inclusion
  • Conference Workshop & Seminars
  • Team Building
  • Indigenous Awareness

Indigenous Rooted Entrepreneur

Aaron Aubin is the founder and principal of Aubin Consulting. He is a member of the Da’naxda’xw / Awaetlala First Nations in British Columbia and is actively involved in the Aboriginal community.

He has 20 years of industry experience in a broad array of disciplines, including architecture, community development, land use planning, environmental approvals, infrastructure, and Indigenous engagement. 

He is also a member of the Canadian Institute of Planners and a certified professional planner with the Alberta Professional Planners Institute.

Aaron works across various disciplines, leading large, complex, multidisciplinary projects with Indigenous communities, land developers, industry, and all levels of government. 

He has spoken at conferences across Canada and abroad to advocate for Indigenous community-driven planning and engagement. He has led and served on many committees and is extremely passionate about his work and the firm’s work. His commitment is evident in the meaningful and fruitful career he and the firm pursue.

Aubin Consulting provides diverse professional services to Indigenous, government, and industry clients and organizations across Canada to ensure Indigenous engagement and community development. For more information, visit their website at

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