A’s Precision Machining: Producing High-quality CNC Machining

A's Precision Machining: Producing High-quality CNC Machining

A’s Precision Machining was founded in 2002 with over 50 years of combined machining expertise within its senior management staff. A’s Precision Machining is a medium to high-volume manufacturer of CNC machined components that strives to provide precisely made components while utilizing innovative machining technology.

Their facility in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, has state-of-the-art technology and the most qualified personnel to tackle projects of every shape and size. They are an industry leader in milling, turning, boring, tapping, threading, grinding, broaching, spline-rolling, screw-machine work, and (brush type) automated deburring. In addition, their store has a fully functional quality assurance lab to support customers’ quality requirements. 

A’s Precision Machining is a production machine shop working with over 20 multi-axis CNC machines, including lathes, milling machines, a CMM, and multiple screw machines. They are a medium to high volume CNC machined component manufacturer and machine all commercially available metals and exotic alloys for the military and aerospace industries.

Innovative Technology

A’s has consistently led the industry in technological innovation. They spend as much money as necessary to acquire the most advanced machining tools and equipment, which results in an unbeatable reduction in production costs and machining time.

They have numerous CNC mills, lathes, and screw machines that immediately facilitate your products’ production. To cut production costs and turnaround times, A’s Precision Machining also develops and produces automated machining centres for a range of items.

5 – Axis CNC Machining 

SNK RB 200-F

The 5-axis machine can produce large, complex molds and dies and other large, complex multi-angle components because of its extensive travel range and excellent 5-axis capabilities. It is ideal for simultaneous 5-axis contouring and multi-angle machining tasks.

4 – Axis CNC Milling


The 4-Axis CNC machines are equipped with the best tools and cutting fluids. In addition, their skilled programmers, machinists, and operators are equipped with the industry’s leading software, tools and training. Together, the 4-axis CNC machines provide remarkable performance, exceptional quality, and quick productivity to complete your products on time and to the highest standards.

CNC Turning


A’s Precision knows that CNC turning is integral to any machine shop and does it with the greatest precision. Their knowledgeable operators and specialists precisely produce your components quickly and consistently using five distinct lathes always in operation.

CNC Milling 


Along with skilled programmers, machinists, and operators equipped with the industry’s leading software, tools and training, A’s Precision owns the 3-Axis CNC machines with the best tools and cutting fluids. Together, the 3-axis CNC machines have excellent performance, outstanding quality, and rapid productivity that get your parts done right and on time.

Screw Machining  


Round components can be produced quickly and accurately using screw machines, and their expert operators can make your parts quickly and precisely to match your needs.



A’s Precision has the in-house capabilities of a fully CNC Controlled CMM, accommodating parts that fall within the range of 46″ x 24″ x 20″. In addition to the CMM, they utilize shadow graphs and optical comparators for precise measurements.

A’s Precision Machining is passionate about quality, as they soar to new heights and aim to increase their quality system. Their latest endeavors have allowed them to improve their ISO system to 9001:2015. 

In addition, they have a fully stocked, state-of-the-art quality lab to ensure all production parts meet and go beyond all of their quality requirements. Their technology includes coordinate measuring machines, shadowgraphs, height gauges, and profilometers, to name a few.

A’s Precision Machining explores the depths of machining, engineering, and design. To learn more about their manufacturing and production, visit their website at https://www.asprecisionmachining.com/

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